"If it's worth doing - it's worth doing right"

Wimageedit 9 2340605649ith youlogor dream Kudu, Nyala, Vaal Rhebuck or Buffalo broadside at last, its time to put your preparation to the test - and your gear. Often in these moments confidence in your shooting setup is what is needed to make the shot. If you have made the trip to True Ballistics LLC prior to your safari for all your precision shooting and ammunition needs then squeeze your trigger confidently and feel free to "send it". 

There are many fantastic memories to be made on an African safari including one shot kills and precision shooting on once in a lifetime trophies. African game animals are notoriously tough - for instance Blue Wildebeest have a reputation of being born sick and just getting healthier everytime you shoot them, however a well placed shot with a true flying premium bullet will see you successful and you won't need to shoot again. Regardless of calibre it comes down to shot placement and having that assurance that your bullet will go where you put it is an absolute necessity to put even the toughest game into the salt. That is why we at Maartens Safaris recommend you head over to True Ballistics LLC prior to your safari.

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Precision shooting with high qaulity ammunition brings the results. One shot kills on both Sable Antelope (left) and Kudu (right)

At True Ballistics LLC your shooting setup is inspected in detail and if you are not sub MOA, they will develop a load specifically for your setup. Keeping all the details on record means when you prepare for your next African safari - and trust us there wil be a next - you simply need to place another order and the exact same load will be prduced for you. Visit the True Ballistics shop right here at https://trueballisticsllc.com/shop/ and upgrade your shooting right now.

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Let Maartens safaris put you on top quality trophies and let True Ballistics give you accuracey assured with Texas made quality.