Safari Tips

safariIn the quest to provide our clients with the best trophies available, we hunt numerous countries. Every country is different in hunting terrain, price structure, and species available.

Consideration should be made for travel time into remote areas that will best suit your trophy and safari requirements. Be patient while traveling in Africa! The South African hunting concessions are easily accessible and the lodges are very comfortable. This is the best destination for Plains Game hunting, family safaris, or a great vacation with your rifle and a friend.

South Africa is basically Malaria free. If you book for a wilderness safari in Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe or Mozambique, please consult your physician for suitable medication, as we require you to take precaution while hunting there.

We will handle all aspects of your safari; the first step is calling on us to discuss your hunt. We will cover all the options available and the situation that best suits your needs. An individual quote will follow with booking instructions. Travel arrangements will be made with our assistance after booking your safari.