Equipment Suggestions

Clothing – 3 trousers (khaki, green or olive), jeans if desired, shorts, 3 shirts (cotton, long and short sleeve depending on time of year), t-shirts, coat or down jacket, hat of your choice, socks, underwear, belt, pair of leather boots (uninsulated, hiking), leather gloves, sandals, and a dark colored sweater or fleece. Please make sure that your 'khaki' clothing is not too lightly colored.

Miscellaneous – knife, chapstick, suntan lotion, sunglasses, range finder, GPS, binoculars, camera and video equipment, medications, personal travel kit (razor, toothbrush, etc), flashlight with extra batteries, plastic bags (Ziploc small and large), extra prescription glasses (if required), lotion (for dry skin), moist wipes, duct tape, trophy tags from your taxidermist, 2 rifle shell holders (belt type), rifle sling, and a thin soft gun case.

Other – travel documents, passport, reading material, airline tickets, cash and credit card. Normal voltage supply in Africa is 220 volts-50 cycles and the plugs are country specific.

One Light Rifle – African game are notorious for being tough. Consider the type of terrain you will be hunting in. Most situations call for a rifle in the .30 caliber range with an appropriate scope and zeroed at 100-150 yards. This is adequate for most non-dangerous species.

One Heavy Rifle – Required for dangerous game. A 375 H&H Mag, 458 Lott, 416 Rigby, or 470 N.E. with a detachable low power variable power scope (1x-6x or 2x-8x) is excellent for most situations.

Ammunition – Depending on the type of hunt, solid bullets may be needed. All hunts will require high quality expanding bullets such as a Swift A-frame or a Barnes X.

Please note: For travel it is best to keep all documents and valuables in your carry-on with copies in each checked piece of luggage. Your gun case is one checked piece of luggage, your duffle bag or suitcase is your second. You will pay extra for a third piece of checked luggage or if your bags are overweight. Confirm these restrictions with your airline.