zimbabwe showcaseZimbabwe

...has a fine hunting legacy and has been the most popular Dangerous Game destination in Africa for many years. The country has a well-established Safari industry and due to its numerous hunting areas, such as the famous Zambezi Valley and Low veld regions, our clients have completed many successful Safaris. With our skilled professional hunter, Pete Barnard, who has a wealth of experience accumulated over many years, clients are sure to return for another of the most exciting African hunting experiences available today.

Hunting season – Trophy hunting is carried out throughout the year, but due to the summer heat and rains, most hunting is conducted between April and November, with June, July and August being the most popular months.

 mozambique showcaseMozambique

After years of internal struggle Mozambique has settled and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hunting destinations in Africa. It is an ideal destination for those seeking the real, wild Africa in its natural beauty. Maartens Safaris is able to offer clients Big Game hunting in the Zambezi Delta. Our safaris take place on concession areas, Coutada 11 and 12, which form part of the Marromeu, bordering the mighty Zambezi River in the north and the Buffalo Reserve in the east. Apart from Dangerous Game animals this part of Mozambique also offers the "Small 5" Suni, Red Duiker, Blue Duiker, Common Duiker and Oribi antelopes. There are many species available so please contact us for further information.

Hunting season – typically from June to November