Africa: The last real adventure on earth for hunters and travelers

africa showcaseThe climate and diversity of wildlife make the Dark Continent irresistible to sportsmen. We hunt four different countries in Africa including Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. They all serve our clients with different experiences and species. From a family hunting vacation to a quest for a trophy lion or elephant, we can outfit and guide you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Every country has different rules and regulations for the hunting and touring industries. It is important to discuss the goals of your safari with us as well as other personal constraints so we can place you on the right safari. Your efforts support the local people in each area and all of the animals hunted are utilized to the fullest extent. Hunting in Africa is an effective management tool and a true form of conservation. Many of the areas and animal populations we currently hunt would not be in existence without the support of hunters. Touring options range from photo safaris in the national parks to fishing or relaxing at a spa.

There are many sights to be seen in Africa, these options and more can be added to any hunt. All of the countries we operate in happily welcome foreign guests and all hunting is done legally with export permits.