Good evening Ladies and Gentleman,

It is an honour and privilege for me to stand up here this evening, and promote, on behalf of Craig Maartens and family, an award that reflects the wishes, and vision of an honorable sportsman, and iconic mentor of our hunting legacy, the late Basie Maartens.

To receive this award, to me, was an upgraded responsibility to maintain and promote a holistic involvement in a true and genuine passion for our industry, and to maintain an integrity that is reflected in ones own personal and public life.


It is the wish of a highly respected gentleman, and hunter, above, to encourage the hunters of today, to respect, honour and perform in a manner that reflects a humble stance amidst the wonders of the world both urban and wild, and most of all have a genuine respect and understanding of the remarkably diverse natural world in which we take our steps, and fulfill our livelihoods.

Every hunter out there has an obligation to recognise and understand their privileges, as well as the game itself that we pursue,.... to obey our laws, and behave in a respectable manner to uplift our hunting heritage and outlook in the public eye.

I feel this award is not an accomplishment, but is a motivation from above......and within, to give of your best, to grow and to share.

I wish to congratulate the recipient of the 2015 Basie Maartens award for being recognised as exhibiting and representing core sportsmanlike qualities that our industry requires.....