Our Story

Founded in 1959 by Basie Maartens, the legendary and respected Southern African professional hunter, in South West Africa now Namibia, Maartens Safaris is one of the oldest operating companies of its kind in Southern Africa. With over 55 years of combined experience we at Maartens Safaris are proud of our reputation of professionalism and ethics. This longevity within the Safari industry enables us to provide our clients with tailor-made Safaris on some of the best concessions throughout Southern Africa and Tanzania. We have guided many clients on Hunting and Photographic Safaris and strive to provide the highest standards of service and accommodation ensuring that we fulfill your vision of the perfect adventure.

Basie Maartens

basie-maartensBorn in 1929 and spending his early years in the countryside this set the stage for what was to become his future career in the outdoors and obviously hunting. After completing his schooling in 1946 Basie left South Africa for South West Africa (Namibia) and a new life with his parents who had gone ahead to get settled before his arrival. His father had decided to start up his own arms, ammunition and gunsmith dealership. This was another step in the right direction and by the late 1950's Basie was well known throughout South West Africa (Namibia), Angola as well as Botswana as an excellent marksman and an avid hunter. In 1958 Basie received correspondence from the USA from a man by the name of Elgin Gates. Gates wanted to hunt some of the endemic species found in South West Africa (Namibia) and arrived on Safari in 1959 and so started Basie Maartens Safaris, now Maartens Safaris. This would be the first of many clients and over the next forty two years Basie would become one of the most well-known and respected Professional Hunters in Southern Africa.

Craig Maartens


I started hunting at an early age with my father and took my first animal at the tender age of seven years. I attained my Professional Hunters license in 1999, and completed my Dangerous Game apprenticeship during 2003 in Mozambique hunting elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, crocodile and hippo. I have hunted extensively throughout Southern Africa and the knowledge, professionalism and passion passed on to me by my parents has helped me to ensure that our clients have a successful and an unforgettable African Safari. I am a registered professional hunter and outfitter and a member of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa, Dallas Safari Club and Shikar Safari Club International.